Example Simple Strategic Plan - 2018 Q1



Our purpose is to empower our customers to build a better business with SingleOps technology and best practices.

Core Values

Customer Success, We Before Me, Get Stuff Done - How You Want (our version of R.O.W.E.), Simple, Growth Mindset


Teams with a total willingness to improve their business with technology in the mobile service industry. “Sales and Operations software that connects field workers to the back office.”

Brand Promise

Empowering you to operate a more profitable business.

Elevator Pitch

The days of paper processes are over. In order to grow and survive in the modern business climate, a mobile service business needs to be more efficient, or risk getting clobbered by competition. SingleOps makes you more competitive (and more profitable) by integrating and automating all of your sales, back office, and field operations into a single cloud-based system. With SingleOps, you get the information, the tools, and most importantly, the time, to drive sales growth and profitability for your business.

Three Year Target

Acquire and onboard 300 customers by end of 2019.


  • Recruit and hire 2 Sales Development Representatives by end of quarter.
  • Recruit and hire 1 Product Specialist by end of quarter.
  • Recruit and hire 1 Senior Web Developer by end of quarter.
  • Full release of QuickBooks Web Connector feature by end of quarter.
  • Deploy new implementation process w/ Basecamp, Intercom, and improved training content by end quarter.
  • Book 150 demos by end of quarter.

SingleOps is a cloud software product that integrates sales, back office, and the field – saving you time, growing your business, and making your team happier.