Example Simple Strategic Plan - 2018 Q1



To create innovative technology products that help business professionals meet their goals faster

Core Values

Passionate, positive, go-getter, customer-centered, team-empowering.


Business professionals working in Startup/SMB companies who send follow-up emails to their customers.

Brand Promise

We always will put customers' needs and business problems first.

Elevator Pitch

ClosingPage is a simple sales application that transforms your follow-up collateral into fancy webpages. These "ClosingPages" are mobile friendly and accessible through a simple URL on all devices. Plus, you get rich analytics on customer engagement with your content, like never before.

Three Year Target

Help 100,000 sales professionals close deals using ClosingPages by 2021. Also, achieve $1 Million in ARR for the company.


  • Ship MVP by Jan 15th.
  • Obtain 100 new sign-ups by end of quarter.
  • Obtain 5 un-affiliated recurring paid customers by end of quarter.
  • Launch on Product Hunt by end of quarter.
  • Publish 15+ original blog posts by end of quarter.
  • Ship 2 E-books by end of quarter.
  • Pitch at ATV Startup Village by end of quarter.

ClosingPage makes it easier for your follow-ups to feel human. Say good-bye to traditional follow-up emails cluttered with too many attachments. Not only can you build, personalize, and share delightful deal pages, you will also get rich data from your customers' interactions.