Example Simple Strategic Plan - 2018 Q1



Ad Reform is your intelligent ad operations assistant that helps clean up issues in the ad tech ecosystem and automate tedious ad ops tasks.

Core Values

Build trust through transparency. Practice empathy and humility. Work with grit. Ask why. Explore, create, and have fun. Empower people. Default to action. Embrace diversity of people, personalities, and ideas. Do more with less. Focus on experience - of customers, partners, and colleagues


Ad tech/operations teams within the digital advertising ecosystem (advertisers, agencies, ad tech vendors, Publishers)

Brand Promise

Ad Reform enables ad operations pros to be heroes in their organizations.

Elevator Pitch

Over the last few years, the online media industry’s dominant business model, advertising, has been threatened by ad-caused poor user experience, ad fraud, and a lack of transparency. We are building technology to enable companies to clean up issues in the ad tech ecosystem. We believe that it’s important to have great journalism and entertainment, while still preserving the advertising business model.

Three Year Target

$1 Million ARR by 2020


  • Write 10 blogs by end of quarter.
  • Directly engage with 500 publishers and ad tech companies by end of quarter.
  • Hire 1 engineering summer intern by end of quarter.
  • Migrate KB articles to Intercom by end of quarter.
  • Create Intercom welcome messages and on-boarding workflow by end of quarter.
  • Create monitoring migration messaging and user segmentation by end of quarter.

Ad Reform is your intelligent ad ops assistant. Take back time, automate tedious ad ops tasks.